Research opportunities outside academic institutions

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Seminar date

11/6 (Fri.) 9:00-10:30 (JST) Online

*Live from the USA

Location Event URL will be announced later
Targeted Audiences Niigata University DC and PD as of October 2020
Language English

Research in Industry: What are my options? Pharma, Biotech/Startup, or CROs -A review/discussion of the different non-academic options
to pursue a scientific career and their different opportunities.

Pros and Cons of each options
-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each non-academic options in term of the probability
to find a position, salary, benefits, and other incentives.

Importance of Networking
-Highlight the importance of networking and how to build a valuable/credible network.

My personal Journey
-Present my personal story from transitioning from academia to industry as well as the progression of my career

Advices and Tips
-Share a short list of take home messages that can be helpful for making a transition from academia to industry

Principal & Owner /JP Therrien Consulting LLC, Davidson NC
How to apply

Please provide the following three information to the following email address.

・Research field
・Status & Class Year
Send it to:


By 10/14 (Wed.)

We are now accepting applications for the seminar “Research opportunities outside academic institutions”
This is a Hokkaido University program, but University students can also participate online.